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The Mexican city of Toluca is home to an awesome stained glass wonder called the Cosmovitral. Constructed in 1910, the Art Nouveau-style building was originally designed to house the city’s first permanent market. It functioned as such until its closure in 1975 when the market was relocated. After its closure artist Leopoldo Flores persuaded the city government to convert the building into an art space.

"Flores envisioned something magnificent for the space. He saw a huge stained glass mural encircling the entire building and running across the ceiling. Below and within its confines he proposed a botanical garden. The art would show the relationship between man and the universe, the flora that which places man in his ecological environment. The name for the project which has also become the name of the building would be Cosmovitral. An amalgamation of the Spanish words for cosmos and glass, the project would take four years from development to completion.”

Although the ceiling wasn’t completed until 1990, the Cosmovitral opened to the public in 1980. Today its botannical garden contains over 500 plant species from both Mexico State and around the world. The building’s spectacular stained glass centerpiece is called the Hombre Sol or “Sun Man”.

Visit Kuriositas to learn more about and view more photos of Toluca’s astonishing Cosmovitral.



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